FIRRI is an acronym for Flemish Interuniversity Research for Rehabilitation in Internal diseases, and an interuniversity initiative of the five Flemish universities (the Free University of Brussels, Ghent University, Hasselt University, KU Leuven and the University of Antwerp). FIRRI is a collaboration between researchers within the field of rehabilitation in internal diseases in Flanders and aims to exchange practical and scientific knowledge between researchers and hands-on experts within the field. By this initiative the steering board tries to create a specific network for exchanges and discussions on topics related to rehabilitation in internal diseases and encourage possible future collaborations.


The overall vision of FIRRI is that establishing interuniversity collaborations is needed to advance the field of rehabilitation in acute and chronic internal diseases. We strongly believe that early career researchers play a key role herein, and therefore FIRRI wants to be a scientific society supporting early career researchers to build interuniversity and interdisciplinary networks and ignite collaborations.


To advance the understanding of (the importance of) the multifaceted aspects of rehabilitation of acute and chronic internal diseases, FIRRI aims to bring researchers together via targeted yearly symposia with well-known experts as well as early career researchers in the field of internal diseases and rehabilitation. These symposia will cover a wide variety of topics, from fundamental aspects (basic science) to more applied research (clinical practice), and are a platform for early career researchers to present and discuss their scientific work. Furthermore, FIRRI aims to be a further ‘sharing platform’ through the organization of journal clubs and other scientific initiatives.


Registration fee for academics: free
Registration fee for non-academics: € 30
Registration fee bachelor/master students: free

Deadline for registration: 24th March 2022 (23h59)